Staying Up To Speed with the Latest Resources

As you may have seen on the home page , my most current resources have been developed in collaboration with Jessica Twomey and Innovating Play. This Templates Page holds information and links to where you can find our latest resources, in addition to my original templates and activities.

1. Google Apps for Littles and Innovating Play Books

We definitely consider these two books to be siblings! Google Apps for Littles sets the foundation and shares with the world what Littles CAN do with Google Apps. Innovating Play builds on ideas and connections from the Littles book, and shares more about reimagining learning through meaningful tech integration. Read more on our Book Info Page.

2. Innovating Play Store

Jessica and I are sharing our newest resources on our Innovating Play Teachers Pay Teachers store. We encourage you to follow us there, so that we can send you a message with updates about activities, blog posts, and more.

These are the categories that we are adding new resources to. Click on a category image to learn more.

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3. Innovating Play Site

Jessica and I have been blogging together since 2018 on innovatingplay.world. We also have our own Templates page there with free resources we offer.

4. Social Media Platforms

When Jessica and I have something new to share, we also hit our social platforms! Below are the places where you can find us.

Original Templates and Activities

Below are among my first resources and ideas from when I began exploring possibilities for tech integration with Littles.

Here you can find templates that I have created or have generated through collaboration with others.
Template URLDescriptionBlog Post
christinepinto.com/colorwordsStudents insert images to correspond with colors on slidesIdentifying Color Words
christinepinto.com/graphingbearsStudents graph counting bears results via this conditional formatted spreadsheetGraphing in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/allaboutmeslidesStudents insert images to correspond with sentence frames to express preferencesCapturing Memories in Slides
christinepinto.com/numberslidesStudents insert shapes or a picture to represent a numberNumber Sense in Google Slides
christinepinto.com/tenframeslidesStudents insert shapes into ten framesNumber Sense in Google Slides
christinepinto.com/imagineanddesignStudents click and drag clip art onto a grid to design a map, city, game, etc.Imagine and Design in Google Sheets
tinyurl.com/slidesdragandsortStudents sort shapes by shape, color, or size. Created by Alice Keeler. Sorting Shapes in Google Slides
christinepinto.com/shapescavengerhuntStudents insert pictures of shapes in their environment and describe the images and their relations to the shape.Alice Keeler’s Vocab Template – Modify it for Littles
christinepinto.com/iseecollaborativeslidesStudents work collaboratively to demonstrate understanding of number sense and spelling color words.Collaborative Slides in Small Groups
christinepinto.com/logincardspreadsheetPut color tape on keyboard rows, and use this login card template to align with the colored tape.Colored Tape on Rows of the Keyboard
christinepinto.com/flyingbirdsStudents practice identifying more and fewer groups.Flying Birds
christinepinto.com/buddiesWhen teaming up with buddies, students can work collaboratively within these Slides to get to know each other.Getting to Know Our Buddies Template
christinepinto.com/secretmessage(My Sample) I used these slides and recorded over them, for students to listen via YouTube to plot letters on a number line to create a message.Secret Message – Learning About Number Lines & YouTube Videos
christinepinto.com/readingrecordingsStudents use Google Slides to organize and link to their reading recordings.Reading Recordings
christinepinto.com/dotsStudents practice reading simple sentence and insert dots to create a visual for the slides. I See Dots (no blog)
christinepinto.com/leavesonmytreeStudents place leaves on a tree via Drawing in Google Sheets. They graph their results and complete sentences to correspond with their data.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/weathergraphingAs a whole class, the weather can be charted daily and organized monthly to spark discussions about weather patterns over timeWeather Graphing
christinepinto.com/ornamentsonmytreeIn Google Sheets, students manipulate a Google Drawing by putting ornaments on a Christmas tree. They graph their results.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/winterscenegraphIn Google Sheets students manipulate a Google Drawing by putting snowflakes and winter animals into a snowy scene. They graph their results and create equations to support their data.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/fishbowlIn Google Sheets students manipulate a Google Drawing by putting different colored fish into a fish bowl. They graph their results and create equations to support their data. This activity can go along with Dr. Seuss’ “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” book.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/leprechaunsceneIn Google Sheets students manipulate a Google Drawing and create a leprechaun scene. They graph their results and create equations to support their data.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/scatteredeggsIn Google Sheets students manipulate a Google Drawing by scattering eggs on a field. They graph their results and create equations to support their data.Create and Graph in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/modelsandequations4 activities in one spreadsheet! Students use 2-3 different colors to fill cells to make 5 in a five frame or 10 in a ten frame. Students can also make arrays of 20. In all the activities, students create equations to go with their models, and use formulas to check their answers.Models and Equations in Google Sheets
christinepinto.com/candylandUse this template to have students practice learning goals while playing Candy Land. CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words are included. Check out the blog post to see how to edit them.Editable Candy Land Cards
christinepinto.com/buildasundaeIn Google Docs, students manipulate a Google Drawing that includes items to build a sundae. They break down their steps in a flow chart, and type sentences to go along with the steps it took to build their sundae.
christinepinto.com/collaborativefeelingsKids insert slides into a collaborative presentation and take snapshots to capture facial expressions that go along with feelings.Our Many Colored Feelings: Collaborative Slides