Sorting Shapes in Google Slides

Sorting in Google Slides (1)

Classification is a DOK (depth of knowledge) level two skill.  My transitional kindergartners had multiple opportunities to practice sorting with different concepts: animals that fly vs. animals that stay in the water, letters vs. words, etc.  Through collaborating with Alice Keeler, EdTech Specialist who promotes critical thinking in all learning tasks, we came up with the idea that if shapes are given different attributes, they can be classified differently.

sorting demo

Alice Keeler created this template, where the shape can be classified by shape, color, or size.

Get the template here:


The Ideas Behind This Template

  • Students can choose how they want to sort the shapes.  They have 3 choices as to how they can classify the shapes!  
  • Multiple slides with shapes for more practice.  Some students may breeze through the first round of sorting the shapes.  Show the kids how to go to the next slide and sort the shapes in different way.  On the other hand, if students have errors and would like to start over, they can move to the next slide and try again.
  • Students can explain their categories.  Ask the kids how they sorted the shapes.  Explaining how to do something is a DOK level three task.
  • Bonus: Students are practicing their click-and-drag skills on the computer!

Insight on this Activity

  • Model for students how to click and hold/drag the object.  Demonstrate what happens if you accidentally click and hold a corner (shape will be resized).  Point out where the “undo” arrow is.
  • TK completed this activity in the computer lab.  This task can be done on the iPads as well, but tapping and dragging is slightly more challening on that type of device.

Modify the Idea

How will you take this idea and apply it to what your students are learning?  Think outside the box! Create opportunities where students can choose how to complete a task, where there is more than one right answer.

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