Flying Birds!

flying-birdsSeveral of my kindergartners really enjoy Angry Birds.  I try to bring in as many student interests as I can into their learning environment.  Kiddos engage when they feel connected to what they are learning about.

Flying Birds!!!


Click here for the More and Fewer Template

I got such a kick out of the Angry birds flying across the screen, I was so excited to show my kids!! Clicking and dragging with the touch pad is tricky in the beginning for the kiddos. An alternative is to use the arrow keys to move an object.

More and Fewer


Sample from a kindergarten student.

In math, the kids are learning about creating groups, identifying the number of objects in a group, and identifying which group has more or fewer.  Text place holders in the tree allow the kids to click and type a number.  The red box can be moved with the arrows to correspond with the more/fewer question that the teacher says orally, or a text box with the question on the slide.

Tips for Selecting an Object


Point out the compass arrows to the kids.  Here is a sample of what I told my kids:
Move the cursor close to the bird. When it turns into the compass (it has arrows) that means you need to click on it to catch it.  When you click on it and you see the blue square around it, that means you’ve captured it and can move it!  Use the arrow keys to move the bird!

 20160922_110758 20160922_110802


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