Identifying Color Words

Identifying Color Words

Children begin to recognize colors at a young age.  My transitional kindergarten students were learning to identify color words by sight.  To support that learning objective of identifying high frequency words, I created a template for my students to use on Google Slides where they can insert pictures to correspond with the words. This activity brought upon their first opportunity to take pictures using the iPads.  They were ecstatic!

Color Words ActivityBelow is a sample from one of my students.  He inserted the pictures and adjusted their sizes on his own.

Click here for the Color Words template
Click here Color Words in Black Font template

Color Words

My students completed this task on iPads during our 15 minute center time.  They were able to follow directions of how to access the camera and adjust the picture size.  It is important to break down the steps and to give kid friendly directions when modeling.  Click here to get more insight and tips on teaching the kids how to insert images on the iPad.  Below you can find the templates for this activity.

Another Idea

In TK my kids often used letter tiles or letter Legos to build other high frequency and sight words.  Words on the slides can be sight words that are not colored words as well.  Have students build the word and take a picture of it, and insert the word with its corresponding slide.


Not using iPads?

This task can also be done on devices that have webcams.  For example, if students are using Chromebooks they can bring an object and hold it up to the webcam and take a picture.

Apply the Task to Another Concept

Now you know that kids can insert pictures to represent something they are learning.  Ask yourself, how else can this task of inserting pictures be applied to other learning objectives?

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