Editable Candy Land Cards

Kids love games! One of my favorite things is hearing the shrieks and squeals when the kids walk in the classroom and see a BINGO game or board game set up for one of the centers. Who says school can’t be fun and games? 😉


I created a template that goes along with the Candy Land game. Everything about the rules and objective of the game stays the same – draw a card on your turn and move according to the color/number of squares on your card. When you put sight words, CVC words, numbers, etc on the cards, the kids have to read or identify what is on the card before they move their pieces.

The idea of putting words on a Candy Land cards is not my idea. One of my colleagues shared the idea with me last school year and people share their own creations on Pinterest. I couldn’t find something that had the kind of words I wanted; something that contained the specific skills we are working on. So I developed a template that can be used and modified over and over again.

How Do I Add My Own Stuff?

CVC words are included in the template. You can choose to use them or delete them (to delete a slide, click on the slide in the deck on the left and hit the backspace key). To add a layout, click on the arrow next to the “+” symbol and select the layout you want. Everything on the layout is “locked down” (cannot be moved) EXCEPT the text place holders where you get to type in your own words.

How Do I Change Up the Layouts?

It seems the Candy Land game is prettier or fancier than the board I played with as a kid. Those special pieces might be different, or the colors in my template might not match your game board as nicely as you’d like. Maybe you want to change up the font. ALL of that can be done in the Master Slides. To edit the layouts, click on View and Select Master. Click on the items and change them as you wish.

Print it Out!

To print, go to File and select Print. I suggest printing on card stock and laminating so the pieces last. Store them in a Ziploc bag and label what type of pieces they are. Change out the cards as the kids learn new skills…keep the game fresh!

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