Here you can find templates that I have created or have generated through collaboration with others.
TemplateDescriptionBlog Post
Color WordsStudents insert images to correspond with colors on slidesIdentifying Color Words
Color Word in Black FontStudents insert images to correspond with colors on slidesIdentifying Color Words
Graphing BearsStudents graph counting bears results via this conditional formatted spreadsheetGraphing in Google Sheets
Graphing Bears HardcopyPrint this template for students to physically graph counting bears in the tableGraphing in Google Sheets
All About Me Memory BookStudents insert images to correspond with sentence frames to express preferencesCapturing Memories in Slides
Numbers 1-10Students insert shapes or a picture to represent a numberNumber Sense in Google Slides
Numbers 1-20 with Ten FramesStudents insert shapes into ten framesNumber Sense in Google Slides
Imagine and DesignStudents click and drag clip art onto a grid to design a map, city, game, etc.Imagine and Design in Google Sheets
Drag and Sort TemplateStudents sort shapes by shape, color, or sizeSorting Shapes in Google Slides
Shape Scavenger HuntStudents insert pictures of shapes in their environment and describe the images and their relations to the shape.Alice Keeler's Vocab Template - Modify it for Littles
Collaborative Slides - I see a _______.Students work collaboratively to demonstrate understanding of number sense and spelling color words.Collaborative Slides in Small Groups
GAfE Login BadgeCreate login badges for students to assist them when signing in.GAfE Login Cards
Conditional Formatted Login CardPut color tape on keyboard rows, and use this login card template to align with the colored tape.Colored Tape on Rows of the Keyboard
More and FewerStudents practice identifying more and fewer groups.Flying Birds
Getting to Know Our BuddiesWhen teaming up with buddies, students can work collaboratively within these Slides to get to know each other.Getting to Know Our Buddies Template
christinepinto.com/secretmessage(My Sample) I used these slides and recorded over them, for students to listen via YouTube to plot letters on a number line to create a message.Secret Message – Learning About Number Lines & YouTube Videos
christinepinto.com/readingrecordingsStudents use Google Slides to organize and link to their reading recordings.Reading Recordings
christinepinto.com/dotsStudents practice reading simple sentence and insert dots to create a visual for the slides. I See Dots (no blog)
christinepinto.com/leavesonmytreeStudents place leaves on a tree via Drawing in Google Sheets. They graph their results and complete sentences to correspond with their data.Leaves on My Tree (no blog)
pintomaketen.gafe4littles.comStudents use 2-3 different colors to fill cells to make 10 in a ten frame. They create an equation to go with their model, and use a formula to check their answers.Ten Frames Activity in Google Sheets (post by Alice Keeler)
christinepinto.com/weathergraphingAs a whole class, the weather can be charted daily and organized monthly to spark discussions about weather patterns over timeWeather Graphing
christinepinto.com/ornamentsonmytreeIn Google Sheets, students manipulate a Google Drawing by putting ornaments on a Christmas tree. They graph their results.
christinepinto.com/winterscenegraphIn Google Sheets students manipulate a Google Drawing by putting snowflakes and winter animals into a snowy scene. They graph their results.