Alice Keeler’s Vocab Template – Modify it for Littles

Alice Keeler¬†designed an awesome Google Slides vocab template for a math scavenger hunt. ¬†In her version, students can use their mobile devices to¬†take pictures of visuals that associate with math vocab terms and can demonstrate their understanding of terms through descriptions. ¬†I strongly suggest you read her blog post: “Math Continue Reading ‚Üí

Pixel Art in TK

Day two of TK (transitional kindergarten) using GAfE, and the kids were already in spreadsheets!  Credit for that fact goes to the EdTech specialist and spreadsheet queen, Alice Keeler.  She was so curious about what the kids could do in Google Sheets and passed along her Pixel Art template.  We were Continue Reading →

Sorting Shapes in Google Slides

Classification is a DOK (depth of knowledge) level two skill.  My transitional kindergartners had multiple opportunities to practice sorting with different concepts: animals that fly vs. animals that stay in the water, letters vs. words, etc.  Through collaborating with Alice Keeler, EdTech Specialist who promotes critical thinking in all learning tasks, we came Continue Reading →

Number Sense in Google Slides

A skill that my transitional kindergartners practiced frequently was counting objects and corresponding them with numerals. ¬†TK’s first task in Google Slides was inserting shapes onto slides to represent numbers. Click here¬†for the Numbers 1-10 template The template includes numbers 1-10. ¬†You will find that the numbers are “fixed” onto Continue Reading ‚Üí

Graphing in Google Sheets

Little kids CAN use spreadsheets.  My transitional kindergarten students blew my mind when they made bar graphs to represent the totals of their counting bears in Google Sheets. Alice Keeler, THE spreadsheet queen and EdTech specialist, and I brainstormed about ways littles could use spreadsheets.  Alice formatted a spreadsheet template that was appropriate for my students to use.  Her Continue Reading →

Identifying Color Words

Children begin to recognize colors at a young age.  My transitional kindergarten students were learning to identify color words by sight.  To support that learning objective of identifying high frequency words, I created a template for my students to use on Google Slides where they can insert pictures to correspond with Continue Reading →