Character Studies

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Written By Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey

As we nurture emergent readers and writers we take time explore the craft of the author and illustrator, and the role of each in telling a story. During this three week Character Study, children had the opportunity to connect deeply with a variety of characters. We focused on making meaningful connections to the process of reading and writing, as well the children’s personal experiences and feelings. Here we share the ways in which we provided an authentic and connected environment for our young learners by bringing together: books, Google Slides, songs/videos, hands-on and play-based experiences, creation of individual little books, and collaboration between classrooms.

Screencast of Character Study Overview

This is a screencast that is shared in the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipchat – Reflecting on Technology Integration. (code iplay017)

Exploring Characters’ Feelings

Learn more on how this heart is used in Jessica’s screencast in the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat.

Character Study Slides

Engaging in Literature Through Connected Play

Click on the link below to see the descriptions to these activities.

Bringing Characters and Feelings to Writing

Grab your copy from the link below!

Grab your copy from the link below!

Link to Standards Table

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