An Infographic Inspired By @JoBoaler’s Book – Mathematical Mindsets

I binge read Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets within a few days. I literally sat for hours on end reading this book. Considering I hardly take the time to sit and read for pleasure, this was huge for me. Jo Boaler is a Stanford professor who has written seven books and several research articles, in addition to familiarizing herself with the research of other specialists in regards to mindsets and brain science. Needless to say, she has research to back up her ideas about mindsets, homework, grading, student groupings…just to name a few areas. While Boaler speaks heavily about math and student learning, her ideas and pedagogy can be applied to other content areas as well. Her research and messages NEED to be heard by ALL teachers, regardless of grade level or content area.

An Infographic for My Students’ Families

While my students’ families may not see me in action working with their kids, I want them to know where I am coming from with my practices. I also am excited about what I learned from Jo Boaler, and wanted to share that with families. I designed an infographic to serve as a resource. It highlights Boaler’s quotes and ideas about mindsets and some of the brain science she includes in the book. I will be handing this out at the beginning of the year to my new families. You are welcome to pass this resource along to your families, teachers, and whoever else you think would benefit from it!

Link to the Google Drawing


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