Correlating Wonders from Teachers AND Coaches – #InnovatingPlay #TosaChat

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Written By Christine Pinto and Jessica Twomey

#InnovatingPlay came over to play with #TosaChat during their Twitter chat that was moderated by Nyree Clark. During the chat, participants reflected and answered questions that revolved around the cycle of #InnovatingPlay: Connect, Wonder, Play, Discover:

  • FIRST- WE CONNECT! – What is a connection you have made that impacted your coaching?
  • NEXT- WE WONDER! – Is there something you have wondered about and would like to explore further with teachers?
  • THEN- WE PLAY! – What play-based experiences have you created with your teachers?
  • FINALLY- WE DISCOVER! – What have you discovered about your coaching practices this year?
  • REFLECT- TAKEAWAYS! – What are your next steps to take to ensure you continue to grow in your field?
  • How could the process of Innovating Play help teachers dig deeper with their students while allowing play-based experiences?

Click here to see the #TosaChat Twitter discussion on #InnovatingPlay

As a member of the InnovatingPlay and TOSA communities, Nyree did an excellent job facilitating the discussion and recognizing the natural connection between these two groups of educators. After the chat, we (Jessica and Christine) took time to reflect on what was shared, and quickly discovered a shared mindset between the two groups and sparked wonders that correlated.

Connecting Wonders

The wonders from teachers and coaches from both communities highlight the possibilities for us to play together! As we move forward in our cycle, we would like to invite everyone to continue to play together in the next #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat – Playing with Possibilities.

Rather than feeling limited to play within our districts, it is our hope to continue to nurture a space that provides a playground for discovery!  

Through the #SlowFlipChat format, teachers and coaches have the opportunity to delve deeper into those wonders and begin to play, create, and discover TOGETHER. Teachers are provided access to specialists, coaches are offered the opportunity to hear the thoughts and needs of teachers, and together ideas can be ignited to create authentic learning opportunities that impact teachers AND students. In coming together we create win-win situations by leveling the playing field for teachers and coaches, celebrating the innovators that are ready to share their knowledge, and bringing possibilities to ALL children across the country.  

Below are some of the wonders taken from one of the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChats the wonders from the #TosaChat on Twitter, and the correlations we saw between the two sets.

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