#InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat

A #SlowFlipChat is a combination of using the slow chat model on Twitter  and Flipgrid. We are currently on a SUPER #SlowFlipChat edition, meaning we will be discussing ONE topic per month, where ONE question will be posted EACH WEEK. The month long format gives us a chance to slow down even more so that we can listen carefully to each other, take in ideas, and apply new strategies during the course of the week.  It gives us a focused point of connection that can flow between sharing examples and resources on Flipgrid and Twitter, and opportunities to extend conversations before shifting to a new question.  This is our opportunity to not only discuss, but to start to put more action behind our conversations by allowing time to process and experiment as we develop and refine the art of teaching and learning.

Be sure to check the #InnovatingPlay hashtag on Twitter and to be following us, @jlabar2me and @PintoBeanz11to catch the Flipgrid link and continue the conversation on Twitter.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PLAY. Play is not limited to an age range. Play is for everyone! So, regardless of what grade you teach, what content area, or your role in education, YOU are invited to play!

Schedule Details

  • Chat discussion topics for the #InnovatingPlay (SUPER) #SlowFlipChat will be the duration of a month. A new grid will be posted on the first Sunday of each month
  • ONE question will be posted in the grid on Sunday of each week
  • Questions will be open for the week, and will be made frozen when the next question is posted.
  • Questions will be posted on Twitter to serve as a reminder, and for those who would like to expand the conversations on that platform
  • You can still expect and intro question and a reflecting question, they will be included with the first question and last question respectively.

Playing in the Neighborhood
Flipgrid – iplay018

Reflecting on Technology Integration
Flipcode – iplay017

Discovering the Seesaw Playground
Flipgrid Code – iplay016
Screencasts and Resources

Discovering the Playground of Google Slides
Flipgrid Code – iplay015
Screencasts and Resources

Reflecting on a Year of #InnovatingPlay
Flipgrid Code – iplay014

Leadership as Professionals
Flipgrid Code – iplay013

Discovering Fulfillment
Flipgrid Code – iplay012

Exploring Creativity
Flipgrid Code – iplay011

#SummerFlipChat 2018
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay010

Playing with Possibilities
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay009

Student Collaboration
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay008

Innovating Play Through Nature
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay007

Making Play Visible
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay006

Innovating Play TOGETHER
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay005

Playing with Google Apps
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay004

The Process of Reaching Goals
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay003

Finding Your Voice
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay002

Making Connections
Flipgrid Code AND Password – iplay001

#GAfE4Littles Chat Featuring #InnovatingPlay
Flipgrid Code AND Password – gafl001