#GAfE4Littles Chat Archive

Participate on Twitter!

#GAfE4Littles chats are occurring on the first and third Tuesday of the month from 5:00 to 6:00 PM PST. Discussions are geared towards primary teachers, but all are welcome to join!  This is a great opportunity to meet others in the education field and bounce ideas off people.  We talk about a variety of topics ranging from building relationships to growth mindset to integrating Google Apps for Education with English Language Arts components.

How do I participate in the #GAfE4Littles Chat?

On a Tuesday that we are chatting, tune in on Twitter by checking out the hash tag #GAfE4Littles. Questions and responses will be posted there. To learn more of the specifics and how to’s, check out my blog post to familiarize yourself with the nature of an Ed Chat. I also advise that you check out one of our previous chats which are listed below, so then you can see the flow of a chat.

Previous Chats

After each #GAfE4Littles chat, I create a Storify, where all of the Tweets within the time of the chat are collected.  This allows you to read the discussion at a later time.  You can even respond to the participants if there is an idea you want to learn more about or thought you’d like to elaborate on.