#InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat

A #SlowFlipChat is a combination of using the slow chat model on Twitter (where one question is posted a day) and Flipgrid. Going at a slower pace with a chat gives us time to really think and collaborate deeply on a given chat topic and our teaching practices. Flipgrid offers a space to extend our thinking (we have a few short minutes vs 280 characters) and interact with each other in a more personal way. Be sure to check the #InnovatingPlay hashtag on Twitter and to be following me (@PintoBeanz11) and my co-moderator Jessica Twomey (@jlabar2meto catch the Flipgrid link and continue the conversation on Twitter.

EVERYONE IS INVITED TO PLAY. Play is not limited to an age range. Play is for everyone! So, regardless of what grade you teach, what content area, or your role in education, YOU are invited to play!

Schedule Details

  • Chat topics for the #InnovatingPlay chat will be posted the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of the month.
  • ALL questions will be open on Flipgrid on Sunday
  • One question will be posted on Twitter Monday through Friday (So, if recording videos is not your thing, you can still participate on Twitter, slow chat style!)
  • Four questions will be geared towards the topic, and the fifth question will be a reflection question. You will be able to share your takeaway(s) for the week.

The chat officially lasts 6 days (Sunday-Friday), and it is up to you if you participate daily or check in one day. Flipgrids will always remain open, so discussions can continue outside of the chat week.  Together with the platforms of Flipgrid and Twitter and the pacing of the chat, we have opportunities to connect as a community in new ways and expand our collaboration experiences!

Come Play with Us:
The Chats Live On!

Below you can find all of the grids and topics for the #InnovatingPlay #SlowFlipChat. Again, the idea is that the conversations can be ongoing and do not have to end after chat week. We (Jessica and Christine) do our best to go back to earlier chats and connect with those who join later. Everyone who gets a response to a video will receive an email notification that someone responded! So, come join our discussions!