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One of the best things I have done for myself professionally was join Twitter. I feel so fortunate to have discovered the education world that is on Twitter right at the start of my teaching career. I have connected with so many educators across the country (even some outside the US). We have shared ideas through collaboration and have had meaningful discussions in Twitter chats. I can only hope that other teachers discover the Edu-Awesomeness on Twitter, especially new teachers.

#ntchat on Flipgrid!

Lisa Dabbs (@teachwithsoul), former principal and founder of New Teacher Chat, and I are combining forces and putting a new spin on #ntchat by integrating Flipgrid with Slow Flip Chat style (SUPER slow edition).

Each month there will be a new topic and ONE new question will be posted to Flipgrid every Saturday morning. Flipgrid is a user friendly tool allows you to record video responses to a topic. Since Flipgrid can be used on computer and mobile devices, you can respond anywhere at anytime! The even cooler thing is that you can REPLY to other people’s responses! In short, you have a WHOLE WEEK to post your response to the question AND reply to other educators AT YOUR LEISURE.  

The theme for August is Planning the First Days of School. A new question (Flipgrid refers to them as topics) will be posted to the grid below every Saturday, starting August 5th. Check this blog post or the #ntchat and #slowflipchat hashtags on Twitter for links to the new questions as they get posted.

Link to Flipgrid  (Grid code is 38r19le)

We Are a Community of Learners

I understand that you are taking a risk by sharing your responses, asking questions, sharing when things didn’t go as planned as well as successes. I applaud you for stepping out of your comfort zone! The reflection and collaboration processes help us to grow as educators!

You may also be video camera shy. Once you start posting responses and replying to people, the recording will become no big deal. You will start to enjoy contributing and look for others’ responses. In the summer I participated in the #GAfE4Litltes #SlowFlipChat. It was an awesome opportunity to put faces, names, and voices to Twitter handles of educators in the group that I have connected with. As cheesy as it sounds, it feels like I have a virtual family now.

EVERYONE is Welcome

#ntchat is NOT limited to new educators only. Regardless of your title or even if you are an aspiring teacher, you are welcome to contribute to the chat and reply to participants. The more support and ideas coming through from various perspectives, the better!  

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